"Craig and I had been together 10 years before getting married, and it was important to us that our Celebrant understood our relationship and the enormity of this next step. Peter was everything we wanted in a Celebrant... and more. He put us at ease as soon as wesat down to discuss our ceremony and what we envisioned. He helped us with our vows and was there for us if we had any questions. On the day, Peter helped Craig relax, as I was unexpectantly 25 mins late, and he made our guests feel very welcome. Our ceremony was perfect - relaxed, seamless,... exactly what we were after. Thank you Peter for making our day that much more special! I would recommend Peter to anyone looking to get married, or renewing their vows. P.S., We now have a beautiful daughter (conceived 1 month after our wedding!)... so now will be looking for Peter and theWeddingGuy team to conduct our baby naming ceremony."

Donna Heaton, Events Manager, Auckland


Who doesn't like babies?!

When a new baby comes into a family, everyone it seems wants to have a hold, marveling at the little fingers and transfixed by the searching stare and unconditional smile. And, how many grown men find themselves on the floor again making silly noises and pulling faces, and how many mothers feel this is just the best moment ever? Lots!

I clearly remember the birth of each of my two daughters (both of which are featured above), and how incredibly blessed I felt as a prospective Dad on their arrival. The birth of a baby is the creation of a human being, and a new identity giving an added sense of completeness to a family or to a mother.

A Naming Ceremony is a special event organised by the parents to welcome a child into the family. It is usually of a non or only lightly-religious nature, otherwise the parents would be opting for christening or dedication. It is normally a special event for family and close friends, followed by lunch or afternoon tea. Sometimes it contains the formalising of a godparent or mentor/guardian relationship.

A Naming Ceremony will usually feature some readings about children or about parenting, and perhaps some attention given to the significance behind the chosen names. A naming ceremony is generally pretty informal, lasting perhaps 15-20 minutes, and there is plenty of scope for the parent/s and myself to arrive at an appropriate ceremony. Babies are wonderful, and a Naming Ceremony reminds us of that fact.

If you would like more information on how we can work together with you to create a Naming Ceremony which is uniquely you, and your precious child, then feel free to contact us as we'll be pleased to assist with the arrangements.